Hickory Chicory Doc
February 2011

This was a delicious dark porter brewed with chicory. The rat looking wistfully up at the clock is actually named Doc (on loan from a friend), so it was only natural he be included on this label.

Paradise Steam
March 2011

This strong, blond, lager beer was brewed with ale yeast. This style is known as a "steam beer." It had suprisingly delicious fruity flavors.

20th Anniversary Al
March 2012

This ale celebrates 20 years of brewing! It had a lively hop taste on a strong amber malt. Isaac (a friend's rat) is giving it a taste.

Orange Strong
September 2012

This Belgian-style strong blond ale was flavored with hints of orange. It had strength of body and of taste.

After Eight
April 2014

Intended to taste like the yummy after dinner mints, the chocolate part was excellent but the mint part got a bit lost. It was still amazingly delicious! The castle is TullyNally (located in Westmeath, Ireland) taken during an antique car show. Tyra is playing the gentleman rodent.

White Lavender
April 2014

If you can imagine a delicious but odd tasting potpourri pillow, you'd be on the right track. It was a Belgian-style witbier using lavender and orange. Graham enjoys a lovely lavender field.