Dude, Slick & Taz
The Rescue Rats




Dude and Slick were bought at a local pet store on June 13, 2008. Their actual home was a few doors down from Vermin Brewing, but they were considered honorary members. A week later, Taz ("the Spaz") joined them from the same pet store. He had apparently had made such an impression that his new owner had to go back for him.

A young Dude

It's easy to see how Slick got his name.

Taz enjoys his perch.

Dude causing trouble...

... and more trouble.

In June 2009, the rats officially moved into the Vermin Brewing home since their owner no longer had the room to care for them. They used to all live together in their own rat room, cage-free, but as they got older, they started having more and more fights. So they had to unfortunately be split up, each getting his own cage. It took them some getting used to but eventually they seemed to enjoy their own private space. There were still plenty of outtings for playtime... although mostly they just enjoyed being couch potatos!

In May, 2010, Dude moved to a new home, where he could have a bigger cage and living area. Taz got to have the big cage while Slick became mostly free range.

Unfortunately all three rats passed fairly quickly after that, all within six weeks of each other. First Dude, then Slick and finally Taz.

For his final weeks, Taz got the room to wander about in, but still usually slept in his cage, either up top in his bag when the weather was cooler, or draped over one of the shelves or ladders when hot. When you would pick him up to bring him to the couch or to his treat plate, he would lick your hands like crazy. Lick, lick, lick, lick until you set him down. He always loved his treats... cheese-its, crackers, peanuts. He even got spoiled with rice-krispies in soy milk, a piece of quesadilla, or some oatmeal.

He was buried in the flower garden next to Slick.

A rare quiet moment together for Dude and Slick

Taz pins Dude in a fight... but Dude hardly seems to care.

The wicker basket

Dude peeks in on Slick and Taz.

Taz... hellooooooo down there!

Slick slips into the dark basket....

...although he can't seem to figure out how the roof keeps opening on him.

Dude struggles (less than gracefully) to get out.

The wicker hut

Taz is king of the hut!

Slick answers the door.

Slick prefers to sit on the table instead of in the lounge chair.

Taz checks to see who's there.