Rex, Cooper & Sheridan
The Temporatties




Rex, Cooper and Sheridan came from a local Boulder pet store on December 14, 2006. Unfortunately they only stayed with the Vermin Brewing Team a few short weeks before moving on to their new permanent home.

Unlike VB rats of the past, these were "designer" rats. Rex was a rex rat, meaning he had curly hair. Cooper was a dumbo rat, having large ears set lower back on his head. And the much smaller Sheridan was both a rex and a dumbo rat.

They were definitely missed, but the team is pleased to report their new owners gave them just as much love, playtime and bananas as they could ever hope for.

Rex, the big rat

Cooper, caught mid-bath

Sheridan stops to evaluate the situation.

Will you PLEASE turn off that flash!?

Every day is a bad hair day for Rex.

Sheridan shows off his incredibly long soft curly coat.

Cooper stops to check out the heater... and everybody else has to immediately see what's going on too.

Sheridan's big eyes and big ears always make him look more scared than he probably really is.

Sheridan senses he's not alone.

Cooper collapses right where he stops after a long evening of playing.

Pictures from their new home

Cooper comes out to play.

Cooper with a toy friend.

An older Rex gladly takes some medicine mixed with a special treaat.

Sheridan doesn't need any medicine but does get to enjoy the treat part of it.

Sheridan lounges in his cage...

... and on his humans.