Tail, a division of Vermin Brewing, was founded in 1994 to support various multi-media products.

Rat Greeting Cards

Vermin Brewing is proud to offer a selection of special rat greeting cards.

Here are a few samples:
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seasonal cards

holiday cards

VB's Home Brewer

In 1994, Tail released VB's Home Brewer, a computer game that gives you the experience of home brewing. You will be able to buy ingredients, clean up spilled beer, and fight big breweries right from your own desktop.

sample screen shot

This HyperCard game (for Macs only) is the creation of R.J. Zimmerman with the assistance of F.E. Cooperman.

Vermin Brewing shirts and mugs

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VB Commercials

See the latest commercials at VB Studios!

Computer rats and beer

Spinning rat

Have a taste of Vermin Brewing Cybeer. This entire scene was created entirely on a computer.