WanderRat Reader Spotlight

A "rattoo" of Velvet Brown Jenkin (17 Mar 1998 - 17 Feb 2000)
"A Good Rat"

Tina from Southern California writes:

"The rat on the plate's name is Rat. Not much but she didn't seem to mind. I offered the berries on the plate, and when I came to collect the plate she was sleeping on it! (how could I resist)."

"I also have the picture of my 'computer geek' hard at work, Abacrombie."

"Our cat Dementia sharing her melon with Abacrombie."

"I had the cutest little rat that wasn't meant for this world I guess because he passed on after only 3 months of life. I really loved him and he was FULL of spunk! more that the usual rat. His name was Dookie because he was a VERY nervous young rat...wink wink. Dookie was on the bed one night while my hubby was eating his peanuts and Dookie decided he wanted some! and seeing as he was so small he 'helped himself'."

"We had a rat named Bob-Honda and he LOVED Dementia. I mean he really loved her.When they were on the bed together he would sneak up on her tail.. and .....well... have his way with it. Her tail was usually moving and once that caught his eye he was on a 'personal mission of discovery'...wink wink. When this picture was taken she was hip to his plan and wasn't going for it."

"Bob-Honda was also the laziest rat I ever had and often slept on his back with his toes curled up.....

....or where ever he could."

Johanna W. writes:

"What a wonderful site! Good idea to combine the two good thing, beer and rats. We have three rats at home, Totikki (Finnish name), Bianca and Tay (the Scottish river where they make Famous Grouse). It's Totikki in the picture tasting the water from an ice-cube in my martini."

World traveler Ric C. always sends the VB team many wonderful beer articles and collector items.

Ben P. writes:

"The picture shows my two boys, Gregory on the left who is 13, and Daniel, age 11, in the centre. Gregory is holding Sam and Daniel is holding Scuffy. That's me on the right of course. Daniel and I are both holding two of my albums of beer labels and in the middle is a display board of part of Gregory's crown collection. On top of the sideboard in the background is part of Gregory's beer bottle collection - they are empty but have the correct crowns. We all love a good beer, except my wife Anne who is a staunch wine drinker. The boys are only allowed very small amounts at present but they are connaisseurs nevertheless. The rats of course are never allowed to imbibe but I have a feeling they would love a good nut brown ale if given the chance.

Alyssa Z. is one of the very few, proud owners of an official Vermin Brewing Rat Mascot toy. She is also Vermin Brewing's youngest surfer and visited the site at only 4 hours old!