The Original Beers

During its first year, Vermin Brewing produced five different beers.

Vladimir's Plague Ale was brewed in June 1992. It was a unpredictable beer with some very tasty bottles and some less than perfect ones as well. It was light reddish amber in color.

Dmitri's Bitter Ale was a fine tasting beer for the most part, with the exception of a few bottles that exploded. This deep amber red beer had a thick, creamy tan head.

Black Death Dark was an ale made from a variety of malts. Paranoia about the last explosive episode caused this batch to be mostly flat. Fortunately, age seemed to improve the very dark brown, golden headed beer.

Norway Rat Arctic Ale was a second attempt at Dmitri's Bitter. With a creamy off-white head capping a dark amber red body, this beer was Vermin Brewing's greatest success.

Bay Rat Twin Ale is a twin of the Arctic Ale but with a change of hops. Although excellent in all characteristics, taste preferences of the brewers still rated it lower than the Arctic Ale.